Baku Research Institute (BRI) is accepting submissions in the humanities and social sciences, as well as in economics. Your submission should meet the academic standards of your field, and the topic should preferably be related to Azerbaijan, the Caucasus, or the post-Soviet space, although submissions related to more general theoretical questions are also of interest. You will receive a reply no later than two weeks after we receive your submission, followed by an additional email with feedback and suggestions.

Articles are published in both Azerbaijani and English. You may submit an article in either of the two languages, and if accepted, BRI will provide a translation. For detailed description of the submission requirements, please visit our Instruction for Authors.

BRI is a think tank established in 2018. Our goal is both to give Azerbaijani readers easy access to high-quality academic content, and to provide a platform for foreign scholars interested in the region. As of September 2021, we have published online more than 300 articles on such topics as history, political science, sociology, philosophy, gender studies, economics, literature, film studies, and music history.